1. Imagination – active and energized by the Creation we can see and know about.
A. See what you desire in God’s word and Imagine it is yours now.
2. Hope – with an earnest expectation based on God’s faithfulness to His Word.
A. Trust God that your hope will not make you ashamed.
3. Hear – keep hearing God’s word regarding your desire until faith is produced in your heart
A. Faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing the good news of Gods Love and Grace.
4. Speak – Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
A. Faith speaks, we believe therefore we speak what we believe, calling those things that be not until they are manifested.
5. Thanksgiving – We give thanks to God because by faith we have what we imagined.
A. Thanksgiving magnifies God and His creative power and His divine nature in our lives.