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Faith Makes a
Demand on Darkness

[audio:faith makes a demand on the darkness.mp3 | titles=The Treasures of Darkness]

Anointing Oil

[audio:Anointing Oil_4.mp3|titles=Anointing Oil]

Are You Devil’s Food

[audio:Are You Devil’s Food__0.mp3|titles=Are You Devil’s Food]

Because He Is I Am

[audio:Because He Is I Am.mp3|titles=Because He Is I Am.mp3]

Biblical Hope

[audio:Biblical Hope.mp3|titles=Biblical Hope]

Committed Money

[audio:Committed Money_11.mp3|titles=Committed Money]

Through Intercession

[audio:Intercession-2 (Victory Through Prayer).mp3|titles=Intercession]

I Know The Love Of God

[audio:I Know The Love Of God.mp3|titles=I Know The Love Of God]



Offering Confession

[audio:Offering Confession Of Faith and Thank.mp3|titles=Offering Confession Of Faith]

Walk It Out

[audio:Walk It Out_0.mp3|titles=Walk It Out]


[audio:WORD OF FAITH_0.mp3|titles=WORD OF FAITH]

What Jesus Said to Preach

[audio:What Did Jesus Tell Us Preach And Teach About The Godhead_1.mp3|titles=What Did Jesus Tell Us]

Or Harvests

[audio:Consquences Or Harvests_13.mp3|titles=Consquences Or Harvests]

About God’s Righteousness

[audio:Questions & Answers Pertaining To God’s Righteousness II_1.mp3|titles=On Righteousness]

Answers About The Kingdom

[audio:Questions & Answers Pertaining To The Kingdom_2.mp3|titles=On The Kingdom_2.mp3]

Soul Winning Stragedys

[audio:Soul Winnin’ Stragedys_0.mp3|titles=Soul Winnin]

The Lord Our Hope

[audio:The Lord Our Hope.mp3|titles=The Lord Our Hope]

This Is Grace

[audio:This Is Grace.mp3|titles=This Is Grace]

What are You Expecting

[audio:What are You Expecting_2.mp3|titles=What are You Expecting]